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Even worse when you have no milk

Even worse when you have no milk

this ^^^ = aural sex XD

Just noticed

that ive ‘liked’ 69 posts on tumblr. 

kinda dont want to like anything else :)


Sleepy Kitty Song <3 


Sleepy Kitty Song <3 




The Hobbit Pub, Southampton

If I went here, I would break my sobriety.

Which sucks.

Not because I wanted to drink


I’m going there in December methinks, so I’ll have to try said LOTR themed drinkies…

Methinks I shall spend part of the next weekend in the hobbit :) then the dungeon down the road.

Hey cutie, are we taking part in late night chats tonight? jambrain

dependant on when you get this we could do, im always open to late night chats =)

My Room 101…

So most people on tumblr are like “ooh 100th post/350th post” and such, but seeing as I like to be a bit different, and this is my 101st post, i thought i would list what i would put in my Room 101. Now if this was the world of 1984 (the George Orwell novel. If you have not read the book or seen the film you really must) there would be only one thing in room 101, and that would be my greatest fear. 


There once was this TV show called room 101 where people would put various things they hate into room 101, never to be seen again. Famously Anne Robinson put Wales in there. 

So I bring you my list of what i would put in Room 101!!

  • Snakes - I am terrified of snakes. Im aware that there are many snake lovers and owners out there but i am not one. I dont know why im petrified of them, i just am and it would make my world better if i didnt have to ever worry about encountering one. 
  • ASDA on a weekend afternoon when the students have just come back. I dont think this takes much explanation, but its like a living hell and it makes me want to go all Rambo. Now i know its not just students contributing to the utter chaos, but also those inconsiderate people who really dont know how to properly use a supermarket. I also dread Christmas food shopping for the same reason. 
  • The X-Factor/’Talent’ Shows - At first it was a good way to bring talented people to the public eye who may not have got a chance. Now its just the same old rubbish year after year and is insulting to those that work hard to become sucessful as a musician, not as a ‘celebrity’. Plus I hate knowing what the christmas no.1 will be every. damn. year!

There are more, but if i didnt stop now, i would just go on forever!! 

Why batteries are better than men

• they are always there when you need them

• you can just chuck them in a drawer and forget about them for months without feeling guilty

• won’t let you down and help provide amusement, pleasure and practicality

• when they stop working are easily replaced

• can have as many as you wish at any given moment and different types for different jobs!

• when they run out of energy it doesn’t take much to charge them up

great blog!
I'll ask you that number I saw in your post:

35! :P bartlevi

3 - I enjoy many things, cooking, shopping and seeing friends are what I can think of right now

5 - I wish I could whistle

this has to be one of my favourite photographs ever

this has to be one of my favourite photographs ever

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